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Features/ Offerings for our Clients


  • Mid-Term/Long-Term Investment Ideas.

  • Risk Profiling, Customized Portfolio and Portfolio Restructuring on Joining

  • Audio-Visual Crisp Research Reports

  • Dedicated Equity Manager

  • Entry & Exit Strategy, Allocation, Result Update, Project & Industry Development

  • Instant, Timely Update of any specific action through Email and SMS

  • Access to our Coveted "Members' Park" Section

  • Queries Resolution

  • Opportunistic Momentum Bet

  • Portfolio Restructuring

  • Investor Kit

  • Welcome Call


9,999 / Year


14,999 / Year



1. How would Sharebuzzz guide me in the journey of wealth creation?

Sharebuzzz, an independent equity research firm, is dedicated to make the complexity of investing simpler for the benefit of all the investors. We dedicate our resources to find out the best opportunities of investment available in the Indian equity market. At Sharebuzzz we are passionate about value & growth investing and enabling every individual to become a successful investor thus retiring early. Our research is completely objective and Sharebuzzz is not affiliated with any fund house, nor do we accept research fees from the companies that we cover.

2. How are we different from other equity research houses, trading calls service providers and brokerage houses?

Did you ever realize when your broker/trading calls service provider ask you to trade intraday and guaranteed that you can manage a daily return of 0.5-1% or let’s say 10% per month by trading in equities for 15-20 days, then why did he himself not trade? Did you realize that if he’s so sure about 10-15% monthly return, why did he himself not get a loan of 5 Lakhs from the bank at 1% monthly interest and traded with the same for 9-14% effective return and thus pocket a handsome 45,000-70,000 each month?

Did you ever ask yourself that why do 98% of the intraday, short term, momentum-seeking, and F&O traders lose and why does the world’s third richest person advise you against trading?

You probably know what we mean.

At ShareBuzzz we believe in the philosophy of “buying great business at inflection point?. We cover only those stocks where we would personally share our own skin.

So to sum up, our difference comes in sharing the same skin along with smart research, a smarter research report and the smartest method of achieving real wealth.

3. Does ShareBuzzz have brokerage facilities? Do you recommend any brokerage houses?

No, we are not a brokerage house. We are an independent equity research firm. You are encouraged to choose a broker you are comfortable with.

4. Do you provide Intraday Calls ?

Absolutely…. NOT! We only invest for medium to long term in Equities and do not recommend any trading calls or derivative ideas. Our Privileged members do get momentum ideas which give us opportunities in medium (3-6months) term horizon.

5. What kind of services we offer?

We offer independent equity research services. Please refer to our service area for all details.

6. What is the minimum capital required to join your servies?

The minimum amount we expect our clients to start with is Rupees 2 lakh. Having said so even if you have lesser initial sum with a steady cash flow which would eventually sum up to that aforementioned amount we’re happy to have you on board. As we expect >25% CAGR even in the most pessimistic scenario we want you to have a large yield after paying the fees of us.

7. How do I know when to buy/sell a stock ?

You will receive instant SMS and Email as soon as we update a recommendation/Report. For NRI clients we have a special whatsapp notification service. Once you get a notification you can login to our portal using your unique email Id and password and go through our updates section to get the rationale behind the call.

8. For whom the services are suitable?

Our services are suitable for investors with the following profile:

  • If you look at ownership of stocks as a part ownership of businesses.
  • If you are patient and serious about sustainable and long term TAX FREE wealth creation.
  • If you understand the fact that stock prices are the slave of earnings and sooner or later they would eventually start reflecting the same.

9. For whom all are the services not suitable?

We, at sharebuzzz, always thrive to delight our clients but we think this is extremely important for us to let you know “who won’t be comfortable with us??(link)

10. What are the various payment options?

We offer the following payment options:

  • Cash/Cheque/DD deposit in our Bank account
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking using Instamojo secured online Payment Gateway
  • No cash transaction

11. Can I cancel my subscriptions once I join ?

Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable.


1. A slow steady growth

Yes, we hate sudden disruptions; we don’t love change. But in this ever changing world the only way to survive is to BE the change. A slow & steady growth would give you mental satisfaction but make you an average investor and we, at SHAREBUZZZ, would strive to become anything but to be average! We are relentlessly working for that ideas which have the capability of giving 100x return; and we know that our success rate might not be like the average of Sir Don Bradman but would thrive to perform like Dravid- the dependable. We’re sure that there are people who have got 100x in many investments but what differs from them to the Jhunjhunwalas or Damanis is the ALLOCATION and that comes from tremendous conviction and tremendous perseverance. We would ensure to provide every minute detail regarding the company and the reason behind the holding; but the journey would not be smooth; if you want an average journey of slow and steady growth go for Mutual funds.

2. Victim of activity syndrome in market:

We can bet that you can’t be more active than us in market, YES! But not involving in it rather knowing and figuring out the gems. If you want constant activity like this- “ Hey, look at ****, it’s up by 15%. Didn’t you check ****, it’s in 20% circuit. Why God is only unfair to me? All my shares are in red! One even in lower circuit, why the hell I’ve bought it! Let’s sell, buy that ****….Next day… NO NO NO! The one I sold is 13% up and that I bought 6% down! (Personal experience folks)? – then grow up and don’t curse yourself because yours truly has also done things like this but if you want to continue and constantly churn your portfolio looking for instant gratification then we can’t help. We have understood it hard way; hope you would be wise.

3. Panicked with short term losses:

Remember we are here to win the war; not every battle. We are not bothered about short term return, simply because it’s not in our hand or rather in no one’s; If one says he can time the market I would ask about his sanity! it gives many immense satisfaction of winning the small battles but in the long run many would become the Mohenzadaro civilization. In the short term people would make killing by acting clever but we believe when there is nothing clever to do it’s stupidity to try to be clever. We would rather wait for opportunities when unusual returns are waiting for minimum or no risk. And when that gold raining starts we should be ready with washtubs not with tea-spoon- quoted from buffet Grandpa.

4. Try to catch the trend:

When you pay to watch a movie you always pay for the whole movie now how would it be if you pay 10 times of the value of the movie ticket to see “The End? in the screen? Pretty much unrealistic scenario but that’s what happening with investors. When you as a retail investor come to know about the stocks most of the time it is interval or just after the climax; and you pay a much higher price for it. The reason is it needs a dedicated effort and as being the bread and butter of research analysts and institutional investors they would always be ahead of you in the game. As Buffet said, “First the innovator, then the imitator, then the idiot.? How it can be summed up is what the wise man does in the beginning the fool does on the end. And this is one of the most important lessons in investing. So, if you are a person wants to jump even to catch the tail, we are not the best buddies to be with.

5. Become restless seeing others earning in stock market:

The most difficult part of investing is sit with a set of stocks that’s underperforming the overall market and watch other people make money. Nobody likes that. You don’t like it at 60, you don’t like it at 80, you don’t like it at 100, but when it hits 150, you say, “Okay, I’ll get on board.? And that’s usually closer to the top than it was to the bottom. This phenomenon of cursing your own set of stocks happens largely because of less conviction and we have come out with the solution. To sustain the conviction level you don’t have to go through the grueling research reports rather give yourself a chill pill and watch the video, it’s simple and effective! Doesn’t it? When your logical mind overcomes the emotional one just look at the visually soothing write ups about the development of the story. But still if you want to be the part of every other horse which runs fast then be happy with horses, we are the BULLS!

With made by ShareBuzzz