Investors’ Paradise

Published : March 29, 2017 Total Comments : 2

Think you are a pilot. You're planning to fly the airplane at more than 900km/hr speed but wait! Do you even know how much stringent the rules are for getting the Commercial Pilot Licence?

(It needs Multi-engine rating, Instrument rating, minimum number of fly hours, cross-country flying experience etc ). But in investment, you want to start with a speed of a rocket but as it doesn't require any license but only a paltry sum to start with, your expectation is far from reality. And that's the reason most of us just fall flat on the face. We, at ShareBuzzz, has realized that before scratching your head to find out which are the multi-bagger flights about to take off, learn to fly a flight first.

Our "Hygiene factors" would be your one stop solution for all your guidance to gain the expertise of breeding those multi-baggers. But, it's not enough for a pilot to get the license only. Even the best pilots avert flying in the midst of a tumultuous weather; the lives of hundreds are at stake. Similarly, I hope you also don't want to risk your hard earned money and
moreover the financial goals of your and your family. So, learning the basics is not enough; you also need to stay updated about the coming vagaries of market conditions and take the necessary cushions as the situation demands.
Our "Treat 2 You" would be the best solution to envisage the formation of grey clouds. It would also separate the wheat from the chaff- bring to you the hand-picked filtered out relevant stories in this present universe of infotainments. But, unlike rules of the jungle the rules of aviation changes frequently and mostly the pilots need to undergo the required
training to keep them up to date. In our investment world also you need to embrace yourself with certain changes time to time and that's the reason most of the successful investors accept that they're still learning. Now, all of you who are not full-time investors it's quite fathomable that your learning curve would be quite slow.
But we don't want that should be the case, so we eventually came up with an idea to put that learning in our "MEMBERS’ PARK” section and share it with our members by giving the practical examples of the stocks selected by us. This would eventually let the learning curve move much faster for our members who have the passion for learning about the market. Well, that's all for yours. But
what for us? We love to read, we love to share and most importantly we just can't be bound by the limitations created by us. So, we decided to share our craziness about the market in the "Exciting Reads" section.
Well, this is the section where the canvas is all ours. We paint it the way we love it but one thing for sure- it's full of colors, the colors would vary from discussing about "Supermanagers" who are mostly intelligent fanatics taking in charge of the business. Finding out the signs of bull trends of a sector to new initiatives taken by Govt. and its impact on varied sectors-
it includes anything and everything that we love and excited about sharing with you. We have put some dedicated and sincere effort to reach this section to a stature where we can give justice to the name given to this- a true "INVESTORS' PARADISE".

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