Our Philosophy defines who we are

We, at Sharebuzzz, follow the path of nurturing the apparently uncomfortable ideas to most of the veteran analysts; nobody is interested in taking care of a caterpillar but as it becomes a mesmerising butterfly everybody desires to just have a look at this beautiful creature of nature- well that’s the beauty of nature! We catch the caterpillars when it looks ugly along with its flaws but we see the beauty lies within and confident of seeing it dangling with flying colours- for us the colour is Green! We would be more than happy holding your hand to find those caterpillars from the jungle of stock market. And we believe we have gained some expertise in that not because just we are a SEBI registered Investment Adviser but we have made all the possible mistakes in the narrow field of hunting down the caterpillars- sorry we are not interested in grown up Butterflies but in observing the transformation!



A passionate guy from Kolkata who is in an ongoing voyage to explore the unchartered territory of the market where the multi-bagger ideas reside. He has learned the most from the practical experiences in his exciting 6 years journey as a novice retailer evolving into an informed investor. A fundamental analyst who believes that investment is an art where one who finds a great company at its "YOUNG" stage tends to grab the opportunity and consistently able to generate higher returns. His investment strategies are based on stories. He believes the younger and

futuristic story a company preaches the more alpha that company is able to generate for its shareholders. It's his high conviction in his past multi-bagger companies which has successfully overcome the tumultuous vagaries of the market and came out to be the wealth creators. As a VALUE investor, he believes "Price is what I pay and value is what I get" & as a GROWTH investor he is happy to pay the premium if the growth prospects continue to be higher in the foreseeable future. He is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, NISM certified Research Analyst.

If you have the passion about stock market, we've the fuel to kindle the fire. Let the fuel reach you.


The Fire turns a forest into ashes and clay into fire brick. Let the fire-brick lay the foundation of your longest Wealth Creation.


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