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Hygiene Factors

Dear Investors, In the series of hygiene factors we are bringing the matters to you which matters the most. Given the best highway without any traffic or traffic rules your are still bound to crash if you aren't able to coordinate the gear, clutches and accelerator while driving a car. It’s lik

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Treat 2 you

Our brains are bombarded with thousands and thousands of information at any given time, our news feed (read Infotainment) is mostly filled with less relevant information and more irrelevant entertainment which is an extraordinary time killing element as the providers’ main motto is engagement.

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Our past performance

For how many times you've heard that if instead of buying Royal Enfield in 2001 if you would have invested in its manufacturer Eicher Motors you would be getting 7 cr Rs today? Well, the point is it's an encouraging statement to entice someone in the stock market but for the millions of gullible retail investors out there the journey of investing doesn't happen that way. Most of us don't start with a gigantic capital and invest a major chunk of it in one single company. A retail investor generally starts with a very small capital and as time progresses his portfolio builds up gradually with investing amount pours in from his cash flow. Read more ...

That's the realistic and pragmatic way of investing. As an equity advisory, we've also realized that few of our recommended stocks should become 10x or so but what only matters for our clients is to get an above average portfolio return. We might brag about our exceptional stock picking ability but it's only when our client generates a healthy return overall we would do justice to our services. Keeping in mind these two factors we've presented the graph that shows our clients who have started with 100 Rs three years before and have been consistently investing 100 Rs in our recommended stocks; their total investment of 1600 Rs in spreading over three years have become 4300 Rs clocking a 42% CAGR (but remember they've not started with 1600 Rs three years back; it's spread over 3 years, so CAGR should clock higher). The journey is not that smooth as it looks in the graph; market fluctuations always keep the portfolio alive- if it would have straight line guess what? Well, ECG shows it's dead. Keep in mind, it's only a representative graph. Please go through the disclaimer for more details.

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A passionate guy from Kolkata who is in an ongoing voyage to explore the unchartered territory of the market where the multi-bagger ideas reside. He has learnt the most from the practical experiences more...